#WednesdayWishlist – Whisky

Wednesday WishList whiskey

So far my posts have focused mostly on gaming and a small amount on box sets. I have not mentioned anything regarding drinking, a topic I had planned to talk about as it is something which I enjoy … a lot. When I finally polished off the remains of my Christmas whisky last week (a bottle of Jura Origin, a light and delicate 10 year old single malt scotch whisky and a firm favourite of mine) I decided that this week my #WednesdayWishlist would be about the whiskys I would love to replace that empty bottle of Jura.

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix | Single Malt Scotch | 47.6% ABV

This is the only whisky on the #WednesdayWishlist that I have not actually tasted to date. So why do I want it? Not only do the tasting notes of clotted cream, orchard fruits and sherry with a suggestion of smoke, sound mightily appealing to me, the story behind its creation also has me intrigued. During the harsh winter of 2009/2010 several of the Glenfiddich warehouses were damaged so a few of the casks from these warehouse were selected and blended together to create Snow Phoenix. As Brian Kinsman from Glenfiddich said “A great Glenfiddich single malt  born of chance and adversity”.

Maker’s Mark | Bourbon | 46% ABV

I first tasted this on a (very, very expensive) rooftop bar in London the other week. At first I was disappointed I couldn’t afford any of the single malts, but with hindsight I am glad because I would not have gone with the bartender’s pick of Maker’s Mark, a drink I thoroughly enjoyed. I found it to be a much more sophisticated bourbon than Jack Daniels with sweeter tasting notes. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys Bourbon.

Penderyn Madeira | Single Malt Welsh Whisky | 46% ABV

This is one of my favourites single malts, easy to drink neat with floral and fruity notes. This was my drink of choice at my sister’s wedding and certainly made my toast more interesting! The whisky is matured for a few years in ex-Bourbon casks and then finished off in ex-Madeira casks for the last 6 months. Due to its short maturation period, the whisky is light and easy to drink. I would recommend it to anyone trying whisky for the first time.

Nikka From the Barrel | Japanese Blend | 51.4% ABV

This is my whisky of choice every time. Before I tried this for the first time at Earls and Co as part of a tasting experience (organised by my girlfriend as a birthday present – it was a brilliant session that I would highly recommend) I was a bit dismissive of blends. How wrong was I?! This is a special whisky which has multiple layers of flavours. If I could only drink one whisky for the rest of my life this would be it – and that is a bold statement!

Jameson Select Reserve | Irish Whiskey | 40%

I usually drink the standard Jameson with a mixer, more often than not a ginger ale. However there is no way I would add anything to the Select Reserve! It has a stronger and heavier taste to the usual batch and holds its own without the need to be mixed. As Irish whiskys go this is the best I’ve tasted so far. If you get a chance pour yourself a dram of this.


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