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Next weekend Team StubbledGamer will be taking part in GameBlast16 to raise money for Special Effect – The Gamer’s Charity. Starting at 5pm on Saturday evening stubbledgamer & greatmuerte will be setting up camp on our sofa and gaming non-stop for 24 hours.

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Meet msaveragejones

First of all, an apology. The blog has been quite quiet over the last few months. Blame work. Blame a last minute house move. Blame whatever. We’re sorry.

Second of all let me introduce myself, I’m msaveragejones – the other half of stubbledgamer. I’m the one that takes the photos and does the designy bits behind the scenes on the blog.

Until I moved in with stubbledgamer, I didn’t really game that much. Apart from my PS1 when I was in Primary School (I bloody loved that thing…but I don’t know if Toy Story 2 counts as hardcore gaming?) and some horrendous drunken experiences on Just Dance. However, when you live with someone who’s that passionate about gaming it’s hard not to get involved too!

I’m a Graphic Designer and currently work in Digital Development so you are more likely to hear me saying ‘ooh nice font choice’ or ‘I love the way that menu is structured’ rather than ‘Wow! Amazing gameplay!’. My appreciation of gaming is very different to stubbledgamer and greatmuerte so I will be writing posts from a different angle to those guys.

First up you can read my post about GameBlast16 and why we’re getting involved…

Virtual becoming Reality, with PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR

Picture the scene. It’s12:59. My hand is trembling with excitement as I press the refresh button on the web browser. 13:00. I hit refresh again and the link to the registration form appears on the laptop before me. I have never ticked boxes so fast in my life. It was done. The confirmation screen in front of me; I was booked in for a Playstation VR trial session at #EGX2015. A quick screen grab for proof on the day and I was ready, all I had to do was wait…

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It’s September, Goodbye social life, Hello Phantom Pain

Another month gone. Its true what they say the older you get the faster time flies!! In the last ‘monthly update’, I was planning to buy Until Dawn, in the end I decided against it. it came down to several factors in the end, the first being that I decided to spend my money on a tablet this month in preparation for EGX (this way I can stay connect through out the day I’m there). The second being that I felt that paying  full price for this game may not be complete value for money, sure I am intrigued by its premise and its style of game play, but for 9-10hrs of playthrough time, £50 is just a bit too much for me to be able to justify to myself. Instead I decided to increase my non existent FPS collection for the PS4 by 1, and go with Battlefield Hard-line instead for the reasonable price of £20. This month however will be a different story, there is only one thing that I want and nothing will side track me from getting it…

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When it comes to gaming I tend to be fairly up to date with the new releases, buying the games I want on their release dates. However this isn’t the case for me with box sets. I don’t have Netflix or an account with any other video streaming company (having a capped internet usage prevents it from being a viable option) and a full price box set can be fairly pricey, so instead I tend to wait patiently for the next season of a series I want to watch arrive in CEX. I know, games cost a lot more than  box sets, but new gen games tend to hold their value for a lot longer than a box set, and like my internet my patience is limited. I can always watch TV if I feel like watching a program where as there isn’t an equivalent option like this when it comes to gaming. So  this week on my #WednesdayWishlist are box sets for the next seasons of series I have enjoyed and am waiting to arrive in my local CEX!

Stubbled Gamer Boxsets Wednesday Wishlists

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I apologise. I had planned to go into a lot more detail in this #WednesdayWishlist however my evening got side-tracked by a Vanilla Hardshake. ‘What is this Vanilla Hardshake?’ I hear you ask. It’s a sublime combination of some of my favourite ingredients. Take a shot of bourbon, add to a vanilla ice-cream milkshake and sweeten with maple syrup and you get a kids drinks suitable for adults only! Thank you BBQ’s & Brews for making the introduction.

EGX 2015 Games I want to play

Now back to the matter at hand; this week’s wishlist. September is getting closer, bringing with it an exciting event in many UK gamers’ calendar…EGX. Having bought my ticket as soon as they became available, I thought that this week’s #WednesdayWishlist should be about the top 3 games that I’m most excited about getting a chance to play whilst I’m there…

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