I apologise. I had planned to go into a lot more detail in this #WednesdayWishlist however my evening got side-tracked by a Vanilla Hardshake. ‘What is this Vanilla Hardshake?’ I hear you ask. It’s a sublime combination of some of my favourite ingredients. Take a shot of bourbon, add to a vanilla ice-cream milkshake and sweeten with maple syrup and you get a kids drinks suitable for adults only! Thank you BBQ’s & Brews for making the introduction.

EGX 2015 Games I want to play

Now back to the matter at hand; this week’s wishlist. September is getting closer, bringing with it an exciting event in many UK gamers’ calendar…EGX. Having bought my ticket as soon as they became available, I thought that this week’s #WednesdayWishlist should be about the top 3 games that I’m most excited about getting a chance to play whilst I’m there…

3 Assassins Creed: Syndicate | Ubisoft Entertainment

This game may not be a brand new concept with revolutionary gameplay but it’s not these things which has made me curious. Being British, I cannot help but be excited that I will be able to clamber over iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral as the Assassins finally come to London.

2 Homefront: The Revolution | Deep Silver

Ok, so the first Homefront had a lot that wasn’t special about it. As a FPS the mechanics felt off, coupled with the linear gameplay the overall experience felt somewhat average. There was one redeeming feature though, the premises on which the storyline was set – an oppressed nation fighting a guerrilla war against an occupying foreign force. Not original, granted, but nothing is more motivating in a FPS than seeing the venerable civilians being maltreated (and that is putting it mildly).

But this is all in the past, Homefront: The Revolution has potential. A strong premise, a new developer aware of the problems with the first title and an open world format which will compliment the guerrilla style gameplay. Getting hands on with this at EGX will either confirm or disprove my theory. Either way I want to find out.

1 Tom Clancy’s: The Division | Ubisoft Entertainment

There has been a lot of hype surrounding this title. An online, RPG, open world, 3rd person shooter set in an unfolding modern day apocalypse. What’s not to get excited about?  At EGX I will have the chance to sample the goods well before its March 2016 release.


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