It’s September, Goodbye social life, Hello Phantom Pain

Another month gone. Its true what they say the older you get the faster time flies!! In the last ‘monthly update’, I was planning to buy Until Dawn, in the end I decided against it. it came down to several factors in the end, the first being that I decided to spend my money on a tablet this month in preparation for EGX (this way I can stay connect through out the day I’m there). The second being that I felt that paying  full price for this game may not be complete value for money, sure I am intrigued by its premise and its style of game play, but for 9-10hrs of playthrough time, £50 is just a bit too much for me to be able to justify to myself. Instead I decided to increase my non existent FPS collection for the PS4 by 1, and go with Battlefield Hard-line instead for the reasonable price of £20. This month however will be a different story, there is only one thing that I want and nothing will side track me from getting it…

Planned purchase

The more perceptive amount you will have deduced from the title of this post, that I am, of course, talking about the latest and what is said to be the last rendition in the truly phenomenal MGS franchise, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. As I am writing this, I can’t help but look longing at the letter box with child like excitement in anticipation for its arrival. Who said men couldn’t multi task. Anyone who has played a MGS game will understand my excitement. Anyone who hasn’t don’t be put off by this being the last instalment as it is reported to be the most accessible title in the  series for noobs (apart from maybe the first). Why? simply because, unlike the other MGS games, it does not rely too heavily on past plot, instead honouring the rich MGS history with a string of small winks. So what are you waiting for give it a go!

Game of the Month

Alas nothing was ever going to be able to successfully fill the deep chasm in my life that was created on the completion of the Witcher. I needed to play something completely different, something that wasn’t going to try (and fail dismally) to compete for my affections. Enter stage right – Battlefield Hardline. The first FPS I have purchased for the new gen. Okay so the plot is classically cheesy and predominantly predictable but who buys FPS for the story these days?

For a FPS it seems ironic that you get rewarded with better gun and accessory unlocks for arresting rather than shooting however strangely I did not feel this detracted from the gameplay.  It did what I needed it to, be easy mindless fun, that meaningless one night stand some people have after a relationship has ended.


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