Meet msaveragejones

First of all, an apology. The blog has been quite quiet over the last few months. Blame work. Blame a last minute house move. Blame whatever. We’re sorry.

Second of all let me introduce myself, I’m msaveragejones – the other half of stubbledgamer. I’m the one that takes the photos and does the designy bits behind the scenes on the blog.

Until I moved in with stubbledgamer, I didn’t really game that much. Apart from my PS1 when I was in Primary School (I bloody loved that thing…but I don’t know if Toy Story 2 counts as hardcore gaming?) and some horrendous drunken experiences on Just Dance. However, when you live with someone who’s that passionate about gaming it’s hard not to get involved too!

I’m a Graphic Designer and currently work in Digital Development so you are more likely to hear me saying ‘ooh nice font choice’ or ‘I love the way that menu is structured’ rather than ‘Wow! Amazing gameplay!’. My appreciation of gaming is very different to stubbledgamer and greatmuerte so I will be writing posts from a different angle to those guys.

First up you can read my post about GameBlast16 and why we’re getting involved…


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