When it comes to gaming I tend to be fairly up to date with the new releases, buying the games I want on their release dates. However this isn’t the case for me with box sets. I don’t have Netflix or an account with any other video streaming company (having a capped internet usage prevents it from being a viable option) and a full price box set can be fairly pricey, so instead I tend to wait patiently for the next season of a series I want to watch arrive in CEX. I know, games cost a lot more than  box sets, but new gen games tend to hold their value for a lot longer than a box set, and like my internet my patience is limited. I can always watch TV if I feel like watching a program where as there isn’t an equivalent option like this when it comes to gaming. So  this week on my #WednesdayWishlist are box sets for the next seasons of series I have enjoyed and am waiting to arrive in my local CEX!

Stubbled Gamer Boxsets Wednesday Wishlists

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