When it comes to gaming I tend to be fairly up to date with the new releases, buying the games I want on their release dates. However this isn’t the case for me with box sets. I don’t have Netflix or an account with any other video streaming company (having a capped internet usage prevents it from being a viable option) and a full price box set can be fairly pricey, so instead I tend to wait patiently for the next season of a series I want to watch arrive in CEX. I know, games cost a lot more than  box sets, but new gen games tend to hold their value for a lot longer than a box set, and like my internet my patience is limited. I can always watch TV if I feel like watching a program where as there isn’t an equivalent option like this when it comes to gaming. So  this week on my #WednesdayWishlist are box sets for the next seasons of series I have enjoyed and am waiting to arrive in my local CEX!

Stubbled Gamer Boxsets Wednesday Wishlists

The Americans

This is an enjoyable show and if you haven’t watched it yet, I would highly recommend giving it a go. Set in the early 80’s in (you’ve guessed it) America, you follow the story of two undercover KGB Agents. Posing as an ordinary married American couple with two children, who are completely unaware of their parent’s Russian heritage, it focuses heavily on the problems and difficulties they have within the marriage, exacerbated by various stresses and strains caused by leading a double life such as an FBI agent moving in next door! Having only watch the first season I am keen to get on and watch the second and third!

The Blacklist

This show is set around a young FBI profiler and how her life changes when the ‘FBI’s Most Wanted’ just walks in, surrenders and refuses to talk to anyone but her after being on the run for ten years. Gripped yet? I was! This is a show that throws curve balls at the viewer. You think you’ve figured out what’s going on and then it rips the rug from under you. It never gives you an answer without throwing another couple of questions into the mix. I wanted to watch season 2 as soon as I had finished the first, so now that the second season has been released here in the UK, I may have to against my wallet and buy it brand new!

Game Of Thrones

This show needs no introduction. If you haven’t heard of Game Of Thrones I suggest that you crawl out of the Abyss and join society! Either that or Google it. Currently waiting to watch the 5th season on Blu-Ray (in one go with plenty of junk food and beer), I will always be waiting for the next season of Game Of Thrones! Even when they have stopped making it I will secretly be holding out and wishing for another season or at the very least a Christmas Special!



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