The Stubbled Gamer?!

Hi I’m The Stubbled Gamer. I’ve started this blog to talk about the things that interest me. I enjoy gaming (as the name suggests) but as I’ve gotten older this past time has had to adapt around my life.

stubbled gamer's collection

Gone are the days of being able to binge out on 48 hour straight gaming sessions with mates fuelled by roll ups and cuppas. Life happened. Job: -40 gaming hours a week, and the girlfriend took care of the rest (well, not quite rest but I do have to speak to her every now and again). For me this meant that I learned to really appreciate the time I got to game and value gaming itself. So no, I’m not a know it all teenager who is way too proud of his prepubescent bum fluff, and no I’m not an expert. I’m The Stubbled Gamer and I like gaming…oh and whiskey… and boxsets…and ale and some other things which may appear on this blog from time to time.


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