Wednesday Wishlist

Here’s a few items I’ve seen this week which I feel would definitely enhance my morning cuppa…

1) Playstation Controller Mug | iwantoneofthose.com | £7.99

Everyone needs a favourite mug, this one could be it!


2) PlayStation® Coasters Vol. 1 | numskull.co.uk | £9.00

I’ve never been one to think of using a coaster however I would go out of my way to use these retro game case coasters.


3) Arcane Arcade Table | firebox.com | £4,000

Ok you got me, this is what I really want. If I was richer this is what I would want to spend my money on. How cool can it get? Comes with 100 games built in as well as a 26″ LCD screen and foldaway retro controls. Not only has it got all these features it also has a stylish design which might appease my graphic designer girlfriend. This is the table for me.



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