Time to Suit Up. Mafia 3 is on the way…

Mafia 3

I was very excited today when I saw on my twitter feed that 2K had released an image for Mafia 3 along with an invitation for all to view the official announcement trailer on 5/8/15.

Looking at the official website for the game, mafiagame.com, there is not a lot more information. Having said this, what is clear from their website is that the game will be developed by Hangar 13, the newest 2K development studio. Hangar 13 states on their website that “We’re focused on creating AAA games for console and PC”.

Mafia 3 will be a AAA game. This will be the next instalment in the, so far, excellent Mafia games. Known for strong plot lines, period accurate cars, speed limits, speeding tickets, pinstripe suits, trilbies and general Mafiosi fun. There is good reason to be excited by this news and I for one will definitely be jumping aboard the hype train and will ride it all the way to Mafia 3’s release!


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