I apologise. I had planned to go into a lot more detail in this #WednesdayWishlist however my evening got side-tracked by a Vanilla Hardshake. ‘What is this Vanilla Hardshake?’ I hear you ask. It’s a sublime combination of some of my favourite ingredients. Take a shot of bourbon, add to a vanilla ice-cream milkshake and sweeten with maple syrup and you get a kids drinks suitable for adults only! Thank you BBQ’s & Brews for making the introduction.

EGX 2015 Games I want to play

Now back to the matter at hand; this week’s wishlist. September is getting closer, bringing with it an exciting event in many UK gamers’ calendar…EGX. Having bought my ticket as soon as they became available, I thought that this week’s #WednesdayWishlist should be about the top 3 games that I’m most excited about getting a chance to play whilst I’m there…

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#WednesdayWishlist – Whisky

Wednesday WishList whiskey

So far my posts have focused mostly on gaming and a small amount on box sets. I have not mentioned anything regarding drinking, a topic I had planned to talk about as it is something which I enjoy … a lot. When I finally polished off the remains of my Christmas whisky last week (a bottle of Jura Origin, a light and delicate 10 year old single malt scotch whisky and a firm favourite of mine) I decided that this week my #WednesdayWishlist would be about the whiskys I would love to replace that empty bottle of Jura. Continue reading